This probably bends the fair use provision of the copyright laws a bit farther than it ought to, but here's a fan-created site with the script to the classic Jon Belushi/Dan Aykroyd comedy "The Blues Brothers," not too flashy but with a lot of stills from the movie and audio clips of the best lines. Beyond the quality of the movie itself, which still stands up pretty well, I'll always love this movie for introducing me, at age nine, to Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, Aretha Franklin and pretty much the entire genre of the blues. (I grew up in a classic-rock/Top 40 house and didn't get much more adventurous as a music fan than the Beatles until I was in high school.) I didn't became a serious fan of blues music until years later, but the groundwork was laid by this movie.

Most of us that are pop-culture enthusiasts have had, I think, at least one and probably several major experiences like this, where one specific movie (or album, or whatever it happened to be) opened your eyes to a whole world you were previously unaware of. That was one of mine. What are some of yours? Let us know in the comments.