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Frances McDormand fights the police with Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The first trailer for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri introduces Frances McDormand in what looks to be a fierce performance as a mother enduring tragedy who is prone to cursing, using a dentist’s tools against him, and throwing Molotov cocktails. McDormand plays Mildred Hayes, a woman so furious at the police‘s inaction following the murder of her daughter, she puts up three billboards publicly calling them out.

As one might expect from a film written and directed by Martin McDonagh of In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths fame, there’s a grim sense of humor to the proceedings, which also involve Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson. It’s also likely that Mildred’s verbal fight will turn violent, as McDonagh often unleashes bloodshed. Three Billboards doesn’t have a release date yet.


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