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Franco and Rogen try to assassinate Kim Jong-Un in The Interview trailer

James Franco has managed to tear himself away from postmodern vanity projects and his civic responsibilities to the constituents of Gay Town, long enough to make a good old-fashioned comedy. Franco plays a tabloid TV reporter who—with producer Seth Rogen in tow—lands the interview of a lifetime in North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (Veep’s Randall Park), who happens to be a fan of their trashy show. While preparing for the interview, they’re approached by CIA agent Lizzy Caplan, who wants the duo to assassinate the dictator, despite their utter lack of training and qualifications. 

Rogen co-wrote and co-directed alongside his Superbad co-writer and This Is The End director Evan Goldberg. The two also co-wrote the upcoming animated Sausage Party, which Franco also co-stars in. According to IMDB, those are just two of the 16 different film projects Franco has in the works in the coming year and a half—and that’s not counting all of next year’s planned writing, painting, teaching, plagiarizing, parodying, Bat-jizzing, not having sex with Lindsay Lohan, and most importantly, making sure America’s attention is on James Franco at all times.


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