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Free Willy 3: The Rescue

With the tyke from Free Willy and Free Willy 2 all grown up—and, in one scene at least, leering at girls and listening to The Doobie Brothers—the makers of the environmentally friendly movie series recruited a new fair-headed boy to accompany him, witness the horrors of whale abuse, and learn how to take a stand. In this case, the abusers include his father, a whaler from a long family of whalers who refuses to recognize that his profession causes more harm than good. Free Willy 3 is an adequate, if a bit slow-paced, film for children that, thanks to some truly impressive whale footage (including a birth scene), won't bore their grown-up companions. More impressively, it admirably avoids turning the crew of the whaling ship into a group of stereotypical, mustache-twirling villains. If one person contemplating a career in whaling has a change of heart after watching Free Willy 3, then it's done its job.


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