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Furious 7 trailer has cars, Jason Statham driving a car

What started as a film about illegal street racing, The Fast And The Furious franchise has, over the course of six films, blossomed into a series that’s run the gamut of action-film prerequisites. Now Furious 7 is checking off another thing on its bucket list by adding Jason Statham to the proceedings. The trailer for Furious 7 sees the film’s universes collide, as central players in the past films—including the late Paul Walker, in his final appearance—unite to do the things that the series built its legacy on, such as driving cars off airplanes before getting all dressed up to go to a fancy party. Meanwhile, Statham brings his own estimable legacy of blowing things up and being menacing from behind a steering wheel, making for a Furious movie that truly has it all (even Iggy Azalea).


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