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Garrett Hedlund finds trouble (and Oscar Isaac) in the Mojave trailer

The trailer for Mojave reunites Inside Llewyn Davis’ Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund for a game of cat and mouse that takes them from the titular desert to the cultural wasteland (just kidding) of Los Angeles. Hedlund stars as Tom, a disillusioned movie star who heads to the desert in search of himself but just finds trouble in the form of Isaac’s Jack, a devious drifter who talks about Jesus and the devil before trying to kill him. Although Tom makes it out of the desert alive, he’s eventually stalked by Jack, who’s decided he’s had quite enough of sand in his pants or something, and would instead like to take Tom’s place in his Hollywood life. They fight some more and call each other “brother” repeatedly in a script from The Departed scribe William Monahan, who also directs.

Mojave is currently available on DirecTV and will be in theaters January 6, 2016.


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