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Gary Oldman’s Winston Churchill is all that matters in this trailer for Darkest Hour

There are probably some historical figures who have been portrayed on film more times than Winston Churchill, but he’s definitely up there. That means if a movie or TV show is going to have Winston Churchill as a character, it has to do something really special or noteworthy to set its Churchill apart from the hundreds of other Churchills. This trailer for Darkest Hour is all about convincing you that Gary Oldman is the key to a really special or noteworthy Churchill, as indicated by how much he dominates the clip and how proudly it displays the words “Gary Oldman is Winston Churchill.” There are other people in the movie, some of them accomplished and talented actors, but all that matters is Oldman playing Churchill. That might as well be the title of the movie.

Darkest Hour was directed by Joe Wright, and it will be in theaters in November.


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