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Gene Wilder classics and a Roomba: Here’s what’s on sale on Amazon today

Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in See No Evil, Hear No Evil (Image: screencap)

In an effort to both serve our readers and help support The A.V. Club, we are going to post daily links to deals and interesting items that we find over on Amazon. If you use these links to click through and buy something—not just the thing you clicked—on Amazon, we will see a portion of that income. You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to, but if you do, know that we appreciate it.


Gene Wilder’s Kiss Me Like A Stranger: My Search For Love And Art ($15.33 for a paperback, $7.99 on Kindle)

Gene Wilder died yesterday, leaving us with a body of work—both on film and on the page—that’s artistic and amazing, and well worth a revisit. Kiss Me Like A Stranger is Wilder’s 2006 autobiography, and it’s both eye opening and informative. If you’re one of those people who’s been sharing pictures of Wilder and the late Gilda Radner together, then this book is a must read.

Young Frankenstein ($5 for a DVD, $6.99 for a Blu-Ray)
Stir Crazy ($3.99 to rent, $6.38 for a DVD)
Blazing Saddles ($4.17 for a DVD, $3.99 to rent)
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory ($3.99 to rent, $9.99 to buy)
The Producers ($3.99 to rent)
See No Evil, Hear No Evil ($3.99 to rent, or free with a Tribeca Shortlist trial)

Blazing Saddles

A number of excellent Gene Wilder movies are also available on Amazon, both for rental and for purchase.

iRoomba 880 ($524.99)


According to Amazon, this robot vacuum’s “3-stage cleaning system delivers up to 50 percent more cleaning performance.” If you want to go generic, there’s also this Ecovac for $178.49.

Modern Man nose hair trimmer ($10.49)


Don’t let nose hair be your secret shame any longer.

Filmstrip ribbon ($4.26)


Add some pizzazz to your movie-crazy friend’s birthday present with this fancy ribbon.

Snow White and Dopey Little People figures ($6.99)


Isn’t it comforting to know that Fisher-Price is still making Little People?

Pasta Chips, 45 one-ounce bags (from $27.88)


Pasta Chips are the best. For under a buck a bag, you can pick up these little guys, which would be perfect side additions to any sad lunch sandwich.

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