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Get a blast of icy testosterone with the harrowing trailer for Everest

Manly men are hanging out and doing manly things in the trailer for Everest, the new thriller directed by Baltasar Kormákur (2 Guns, Contraband, other, non-Mark Wahlberg movies) and coming out September 18. Josh Brolin is a Southern gentleman, all slow drawls and jokey asides as he joins a team of equally testosterone-laden gents with something to prove. Specifically, they’re trying to prove that they can climb Mt. Everest, the way one does when one has a week or so to spare; John Hawkes’ mailman sums it up with an on-the-nose statement about how, if his kids see a regular guy do this, they’ll know they can do anything. It’s a great sentiment, right up until their group reaches the top and suddenly a terrible storm hits.


From there, it looks like a very The Perfect Storm-type story as the men try to survive against horrific odds. Everest co-stars Jason Clarke in Aussie mode, Keira Knightley in worried-romantic-interest mode, and Jake Gyllenhaal in not-appearing-in-trailer mode. Also, acrophobics may want to avert their eyes for this one, because it really is a long way down.

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