Manly men are hanging out and doing manly things in the trailer for Everest, the new thriller directed by Baltasar Kormákur (2 Guns, Contraband, other, non-Mark Wahlberg movies) and coming out September 18. Josh Brolin is a Southern gentleman, all slow drawls and jokey asides as he joins a team of equally testosterone-laden gents with something to prove. Specifically, they’re trying to prove that they can climb Mt. Everest, the way one does when one has a week or so to spare; John Hawkes’ mailman sums it up with an on-the-nose statement about how, if his kids see a regular guy do this, they’ll know they can do anything. It’s a great sentiment, right up until their group reaches the top and suddenly a terrible storm hits.

From there, it looks like a very The Perfect Storm-type story as the men try to survive against horrific odds. Everest co-stars Jason Clarke in Aussie mode, Keira Knightley in worried-romantic-interest mode, and Jake Gyllenhaal in not-appearing-in-trailer mode. Also, acrophobics may want to avert their eyes for this one, because it really is a long way down.