Lionsgate recently unleashed its first TV spot for Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s Blair Witch Project sequel, hitting theaters this September.

Simply titled Blair Witch, the film features James Allen McCune as Heather Donahue’s brother, who’s obsessed with finding out what happened to his sister and her friends in the woods of Maryland in 1999. The new commercials take viewers back to the house where we last saw Mike propped up in the corner.


The new Blair Witch uses modern technology. (Photo Illustration: Mike Vanderbilt)

When it was revealed at Comic-Con that Wingard’s previously announced The Woods was in fact a Blair Witch sequel, fans had disparate opinions. While some folks were excited for a return to the Black Hills and vomit-inducing shaky-cam (particularly after Book Of Shadows), others were disappointed that Wingard and Barrett were making a franchise film. The duo’s previous films You’re Next and The Guest were scary, weird, fun, and above all original.

Hopefully Blair Witch will offer a fresh take on “found footage” like Found Footage 3D, which just had its premiere at the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival and effectively mixes laughs and scares while taking the piss out of the reviled horror subgenre. Audiences will be able to find out if the Blair Witch is still scary after all these years when the film creeps into theaters September 16.


[Via Bloody Disgusting]