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Get uncomfortable with the trailer for Rashida Jones’ amateur porn documentary

Okay folks: Turn down the lights, lock your door, and loosen your belt, because it’s time to get thoughtful in here. We previously brought you audio from Netflix’s new documentary Hot Girls Wanted, an exploration of how young women are lured into, and affected by, careers in amateur pornography. Now, the streaming service has released a (mostly safe for work) trailer for the new film, produced by Rashida Jones and directed by Ronna Gradus and Jill Bauer, whose previous film, Sexy Baby, similarly explored the relationship between social media, fame, and amateur porn.

The trailer shows a series of candid interviews with young women reflecting on their careers, as well as some of the men who hire them for the work. These latter, the true heroes of the piece, come complete with classy quotes like, “The shelf life of a girl? Best case scenario: a year, tops,” and, “Every day, a new girl turns 18.” So, if you haven’t had your skin crawl in a while, this is the perfect opportunity to give your goosebumps a good workout while having a long, hard think about the origins of any images or videos you may or may not have recently watched or perused. Hot Girls Wanted is currently streaming on Netflix.


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