The careers of Bulletproof co-stars Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler have followed similar but rapidly diverging paths. Both came to fame as comedians, then stand-out members of popular sketch-comedy shows, and both went on to co-write and star in a series of silly films based on over-the-top characters. But while Sandler expanded his fan base with each movie, Wayans seems to have lost virtually all the fans he'd acquired throughout his career. Consequently, while Sandler has his choice of projects and makes $20 million a film, Wayans has been reduced to failed sitcoms and supporting roles in direct-to-video filler like Goosed. A Jennifer Tilly vehicle that starts out as a Woody Allen-esque look at the life of a wealthy Jewish girl (Danielle Harris), it shares with Allen a fascination with wealth, a profound sense of Jewish self-loathing, and a romanticized vision of blue-collar life. But Goosed shifts gears drastically about a half-hour in, as Tilly takes over for Harris in the lead role and the film abandons its genteel comedy in favor of broad slapstick. Worried about the direction her life is taking her, Tilly consults a psychic, who tells her she will marry a doctor named Steven. This being a movie, Tilly soon sets out to snare a doctor named Steven, leading to antics. Tilly has a made a career of playing busty, funny-talking bimbos, but here she branches out, playing a strong, driven career woman who just happens to be a busty, funny-talking bimbo. She gives an admirably game performance, but Goosed is a little short on laughs and too sitcom-thin to carry any emotional weight. Wayans isn't the only notable person slumming here, as Goosed's executive producer is none other than Francis Ford Coppola, who may or may not have a good excuse for having his name attached to such a silly and disposable piece of fluff.