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Remember sophomore year in college, when you would have six-hour conversations about whether it would be morally defensible to kill one innocent person if it would save the lives of lots of other innocent people? Well, someone’s made that debate into a feature-length film. Actually, it looks like they’ve done more than that, because the trailer for upcoming military thriller Eye In The Sky features some heavy hitters of the acting world lending their talents to a modern drone-warfare version of that question.


You’d be forgiven for any unintentional laughter stemming from the shot of a remote-controlled housefly penetrating the home of a suicide bomber, but the film quickly goes into deadly serious mode, as Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman (presumably taking over from Colin Firth), and drone pilot Aaron Paul debate the ethics of opening fire on a house with a young child playing right outside. Do you pull the trigger and risk killing the kid, if it means saving the lives of dozens of others? Or do you hold back, and let a guy with an explosive device walk out onto a crowded street?

The events of the film play out in more or less real time, and Eye In The Sky looks like it has the potential to be the best film director Gavin Hood (Ender’s Game, Tsotsi) has ever made. Certainly, early press suggests good things, and Mirren playing against type in this way is a tantalizing hook. The release date for the movie is March 11, 2016—here’s hoping this does for the compelling drone warfare film what Good Kill didn’t do for the compelling drone warfare film.

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