Ambiancé - the 720 hour long film [short 72 min teaser] by Anders Weberg from Anders Weberg on Vimeo.

Three years after Danish collective Superflex created Modern Times Forever, a 240-hour film deemed the longest of all time, Swedish artist Anders Weberg is working on breaking that record¬†with his 720-hour film, ¬†Ambianc√©. Running over the course of 30 straight days, Ambianc√© won‚Äôt be revealed to audiences until the year 2020, but Weberg has already released a 72-minute preview. With no dialogue, it‚Äôs the kind of film that‚Äôs meant to be felt rather than merely watched or understood. It comprises several elongated shots of ¬†blurry swirls that zoom out to reveal actual things or situations‚ÄĒrainy car rides, ballerinas, geese‚ÄĒall set to an eerily ethereal soundtrack. Weberg describes it as ‚Äúan abstract nonlinear narrative summary of the artist‚Äôs time spent with the moving image.‚ÄĚ This trailer is only available until July 20, but a 7-hour and 20-minute trailer will surface in 2016, followed by a 72-hour one in 2018. Ambianc√© will be screened once on all seven continents at the same time in 2020, and then destroyed. After which, Weberg says he will never make another film.