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It would appear that Digg found a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens preview on the Star Wars Korean YouTube channel this past weekend.

Clocking in at 30 seconds, this is probably a TV spot that will begin airing this fall. It’s long been rumored that a full trailer would premiere this September, and it could very well be exclusive to the new Star Wars app that was released this summer. The new clip is comprised mostly of shots that fans have already seen in the previous two teaser trailers in addition to a glimpse of what appears to be The First Order preparing for battle on an ice planet that may or may not be Hoth, enemy ships approaching a Star Destroyer, as well as variations on X-Wings skimming the lake and TIE Fighter attacks. Still no clear look at a bearded Luke Skywalker, though.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18.

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