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Here’s a new trailer for Monster Trucks, the movie about trucks that are monsters

Monster Trucks burst into the world with its first trailer back in June, and though that one offered a little bit more story than this new teaser does, it also barely wastes any time getting to the core of what this movie is all about. It’s called Monster Trucks, it’s about trucks that are monsters, and that’s as far as anyone needs to go. Monster Trucks stars Lucas Till in Shia LaBeouf’s Transformers role as the guy who befriends a car-related alien, and he’ll be appearing alongside Jane Levy, Amy Ryan, Thomas Lennon, and Holt McCallany. Really, though, if you somehow weren’t already on board with “trucks that are monsters,” the addition of Lucas Till and Thomas Lennon wasn’t going to change anything.

Monster Trucks will be in theaters on January 13, 2017, though we recommend giving it a week and going on January 20 instead. The distraction will be good for you.


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