We’re still in the middle of the weird cultural moment in which everybody is making tennis comedies (some of which aren’t comedies, but many of which are about Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs), and we have another one to throw onto the pile: Break Point, starring Jeremy Sisto as an FBI agent who infiltrates a ring of tennis-loving bank robbers led by About A Boy’s David Walton. Wait, no, that’s Point Break Point. This one is about Jeremy Sisto as an aging tennis star who enlists the help of his younger brother, David Walton, to try and get back on top of the tennis world. Also, they’re friends with a little boy, J.K. Simmons is their dad, and Amy Smart is a woman who doesn’t approve of flicking dogs’ penises. It’s a rich tapestry of characters.

Break Point was directed by Jay Karas, and it’ll be on VOD services on July 21. If you’d rather see your Jeremy Sisto tennis comedies in theaters, you can do that on September 4.