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The most shocking thing in this trailer for The Curse Of Downers Grove isn’t the dead teenagers, or the fact that its story is “based on true events,” or even the idea of someone making a movie about a small-ish suburb of Chicago. No, the most shocking part is when the trailer flashes the words “From Bret Easton Ellis, author of the novel American Psycho.” We’re not saying that The Curse Of Downers Grove doesn’t look like something Bret Easton Ellis would write, but we would assume that a movie written by him would be a bigger deal than this appears to be. He’s a famous writer, and this is just some indie horror movie that features Tom Arnold. Tom Arnold!


As for the actual content of this Curse Of Downers Grove trailer, it revolves around a high school in which a member of the senior class dies every year. Despite the fact that something like that would be a huge coincidence (and would definitely prove that curses are real), nobody actually believes in the curse…at least until someone really dies. Then teenagers start freaking out, a guy with one eye shows up, people wave guns around, and suddenly Tom Arnold pops in and it’s like, whoa, this movie was written by Bret Easton Ellis? The author of American Psycho? If you say so, movie trailer.

The Curse Of Downers Grove will be in theaters and on iTunes on August 21.

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