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Here’s an exclusive deleted scene of Paul F. Tompkins in The Dramatics (A Comedy)

We recently debuted the trailer for The Dramatics (A Comedy), a new film starring Kat Foster and Scott Rodgers as a couple whose relationship is tested after Foster’s character lands a big movie role. Today, we bring you an exclusive deleted scene from the movie, made up entirely of a conversation between Paul F. Tompkins’ James Lipton-like interviewer and Pablo Schreiber’s self-serious Method actor. It’s essentially proof that Tompkins has a bright future taking over as the Inside The Actor’s Studio host should he so choose, as he’s got the clueless pomposity down pat. Schreiber gives as good as he gets, too, suggesting that perhaps Orange Is The New Black’s Pornstache is simply the result of one man’s dedication to his actorly craft. The Dramatics (A Comedy) is out now on VOD and iTunes.


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