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Here’s the eerie first teaser for Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival

Last year’s Denis Villeneuve movie, Sicario, followed a woman venturing into a dangerous world she barely comprehends. In his new feature, there’s a similar theme: Another heroine must go where she likely isn’t welcome to understand a unfamiliar culture. But this time, there are aliens. The first teaser for Arrival sets up the basics. Amy Adams plays a linguist, tapped with attempting to communicate with the invaders and figuring out what their goals are. She suits up along with characters played by Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker to meet Earth’s guests. As is typical for Villeneuve, it looks tense and striking. (The cinematography is by Selma’s Bradford Young.)


A fuller trailer is due out August 16, but this heralds a big year for Adams, who is also starring in the latest from Tom Ford, Nocturnal Animals. Both of those films will be heading to the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals.

Arrival will, ahem, arrive in theaters November 11.

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