If you like dachshunds and famous people, then boy do we have a movie for you! The first trailer for Todd Solondz’s Wiener-Dog puts the emphasis on quirk as it cuts between the lives of Danny DeVito, Greta Gerwig, Ellen Burstyn, Julie Delpy, Zosia Mamet, Kiernan Culkin, Tracy Letts, and the one wiener-dog who connects them all. Amazon acquired the rights to the film after its Sundance debut, which means it will be hitting the site’s streaming service at some point in addition to its June 24 theatrical debut.

Unfortunately, The A.V. Club wasn’t won over by the four-part anthology film, one part of which serves as a pseudo sequel to Solondz’s Welcome To The Dollhouse. It turns out Wiener-Dog is actually far more focused on death than this upbeat trailer makes it seem. And as A.A. Dowd puts it, “If the idea of Todd Solondz tackling mortality sounds reliably dispiriting, then you’ve obviously seen a Todd Solondz movie before. Solondz gonna Solondz.”