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Here’s the trailer for Horns, the movie where Daniel Radcliffe has horns

The last time the public got a glimpse of Horns—the upcoming adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel about a man with horns and the people who fear him—it was with a 30-second clip from the movie itself. Now, producers have released a bleak, moody trailer featuring Daniel Radcliffe with a two-day beard and a snake draped over his shoulders, all but daring anyone to bring up his days riding a magical choo-choo train to wizard school.


Radcliffe stars as Ig, a 26-year-old who wakes from a night of drinking to discover he’s sprouted a pair of horns that compel people to reveal their darkest secrets and act on their most depraved impulses. The cast also includes Juno Temple and Heather Graham. Horns was directed by Alexandre Aja, who built his reputation on slick splatter films like High Tension and the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes.

Horns will be released on Halloween in the UK, although there are currently no plans to release it stateside. The trailer looks intriguing, so hopefully someone snaps up the distribution rights and releases it on a less thematically appropriate day in the U.S., like maybe Thanksgiving.

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