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Here’s the trailer for Mudbloods, a documentary about real-life Quidditch players

Quidditch—the most popular sport in the wizarding world—is not just for those with magical blood. Muggle Quiddich is very real, as chronicled in the upcoming documentary Mudbloods, which follows the UCLA Quidditch team through its season all the way to the Quidditch World Cup finales.


If you haven’t heard of Muggle Quidditch, it’s likely you haven’t been in college for a while. There are hundreds of teams across U.S. campuses, but Quidditch is also quickly growing outside the university system around the globe. The sport differs from magical Quidditch in several key ways: Regretfully, players don’t fly, the snitch sits sadly in the sock of an impartial official, and Beaters use kickballs to pummel other players, as opposed to beating a harder ball with a club. Despite those shortcomings, Quidditch retains the physical intensity of J.K. Rowling’s magical game, and footage from Mudbloods makes Muggle Quidditch look more like rugby than larping. The players may be Muggles, but their dedication to the game would make Madam Hooch proud.

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