Despite his reputation as an exciting stand-up, Chris Rock has had trouble making full use of his comedic gifts in the movies, appearing in milquetoast comedies like I Think I Love My Wife and seemingly content to coast in stuff like Grown Ups. Top Five, which Rock wrote and directed, may mark a turning point for him. Rock stars as Andre Allen, a cutting-edge comedian who used his notoriety as a stand-up to become the star of a bunch of brain-dead comedies. Unsatisfied with his career, he wants to start making dramatic movies, but people are unwilling to take him seriously.

The movie lays the meta commentary on pretty thick, but the reviews have been solid, and the trailer makes it look like Rock actually has something to say. Plus, the cast is chock-full of able supporting players, including Tracy Morgan, Whoopi Goldberg, and Rosario Dawson.


Top Five will be released on December 12.