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Here's a trailer for another brony documentary

Brent Hodge’s documentary A Brony Tale, which premieres April 26 at the Tribeca Film Festival,  delves into the world of “Bronies.” As we well know by now, bronies are the older, male fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, a show about a Hasbro toy aimed at young girls.

The documentary revolves around BronyCon in New York, which is attended by Ashleigh Ball, the voice actor that plays both Rainbow Dash and Applejack. The trailer also offers one-on-one interviews with bronies from various walks of life, including one who’s serving in the military and one who confidently tells the camera, “You ain’t a man unless you watching My Little Pony, son.”


A Brony Tale follows in the footsteps of 2013’s Kickstarted film Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans Of My Little Pony, which featured the show’s creator, Lauren Faust, as well as voice actor Tara Strong.

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