If there’s one thing better than seeing a movie where a bunch of criminals lose their shit and end up in an all-night free-for-all shootout in an abandoned factory, it’s having those criminals played by a murderer’s row of great actors. Free Fire, the new film from constantly shifting genre auteur Ben Wheatley (High Rise, A Field In England, Kill List), delivers on the latter condition, as Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer, and a host of gonzo character actors give it their all in a story about a routine weapons deal between criminal groups going horribly (and hilariously) awry. And The A.V. Club has a bunch of free passes up for grabs to see an early preview screening of the film, in a bunch of different cities around the country.

It’s simple: Just head over to this site, find the location nearest you, and click on “Get Passes.” You’ll be able to RSVP and print tickets as soon as you sign up. The screening are all happening this week, on Thursday, April 13 (plus one on 4/12 in Portland), and there are 20 passes available for each screening. Once tickets are gone, they’re gone, and the RSVP option turns off, so if you’re free that night and ready to watch some carnage, get your tickets now.