Shia LaBeouf probably wouldn’t make for a great road trip companion—too many fights, not nearly enough stopping to gawk at the world’s biggest toilet—but in the new American Honey trailer, he’s really selling newcomer Sasha Lane on the old amber waves of grain. LaBeouf stars in Andrea Arnold’s (Fish Tank) film as Jake, a driftin’ grifter who wants to take Star (Lane) for a ride—first, to Kansas City, and then to various American towns, where they’ll rip people off. That last part isn’t covered in this new trailer, but it was certainly the theme of the first one. This new clip is all about dreaming and driving, though, and what better way to do that than with some Bruce Springsteen? The Boss is heard covering Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream” while Jake and Star set off on a cross-country trip without any real plans for their final destination.

American Honey hits theaters September 30.