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Houston, we have a Matt Damon problem in The Martian trailer

The opportunity to joke about how Matt Damon always seemed like he was living on another planet has arrived with the first trailer for The Martian, Ridley Scott’s newest outer space adventure. Damon stars as an astronaut accidentally stranded on Mars, struggling to survive long enough for NASA to put together a rescue mission and bring him home. The film boasts an impressive array of heavy hitters, along with a script by Drew Goddard, which means if the movie sucks, Damon Lindelof can argue that it’s not his fault for a change.

Based on a very good book, The Martian will mark the second trip to space in as many years for a surprisingly large percentage of the cast, including someone whose appearance in Interstellar might have been a surprise if you didn’t pay any attention to news leading up to that film’s release. Between growing crops, sending messages to Earth, and trying to not lose his marbles over the course of four years, it looks like Damon’s character has his space-work cut out for him. Come November, you’ll be able to learn if his acerbic astronaut makes any puns about “seeing red.”


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