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You don’t go into a Fast & Furious movie expecting reality. You go in knowing that at some point—if not at multiple points—someone (probably The Rock) will do something that is absolutely impossible in real life, and as a fan, you’ll just enjoy it, because that’s what Fast & Furious movies are, really. In the series’ latest offering Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw, for instance, The Rock uses his tree-like arms to keep a dubiously linked chain of speeding cars from being lifted off the ground by a chain attached to a military-grade helicopter. Sure, okay. Why not?

The movie also suspends reality just a bit in a scene earlier in the film when its three protagonists—Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs, Jason Statham’s Shaw, and Vanessa Kirby’s younger Shaw—cram into the front of Shaw’s drift-friendly McLaren 720S for a speedy chase through the streets of Edinburgh. Dismissing the fact that there’s no way anyone was comfortable in that situation, getting The Rock in and out of a car like that would just be absurd. That being said, as you’ll see in the clip above, the movie’s On-Set Vehicle Coordinator, Alex King, says it was totally real—and totally uncomfortable.

Discussions of that scene and more are in the clip above, which was filmed at the U.K.’s historic Silverstone Circuit. Hobbs & Shaw is available on demand and on Blu-Ray and DVD now.


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