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How many of the 100 worst films have you seen?

Late last week, our friends over at Rotten Tomatoes put together a list of the worst-reviewed movies of the past 10 years. Twitterers across the globe raced to count how many they'd seen, and now it's your turn to share your horrible magic number with us. Check out the list here, and then don't be shy: Let us know how many hours you've wasted with these horrible movies. Or defend those that you think shouldn't have been rated so low.

I've seen 11, maybe 12. (I'm pretty sure I saw Three Strikes, but I can't remember for sure.)  A couple of them were for "I Watched This On Purpose" (the truly awful 88 Minutes and Strange Wilderness). There are certainly a few that I'd classify as so bad they're good, including Glitter and Gigli. But I couldn't find any to defend, though I remember giggling occasionally at The New Guy.


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