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Hugh Jackman takes Taron Egerton under his wing in the Eddie The Eagle trailer

Inspired by a true story, the trailer for Eddie The Eagle stars Taron Egerton as Michael “Eddie” Edwards, the real-life underdog who won the hearts and minds of British citizens (but not any medals) on his road to the Olympics in the ’80s. We say “inspired by,” because although Hugh Jackman appears as Eddie’s coach in the movie, he’s not playing a fictionalized version of Eddie’s real-life coach, Chuck Berghorn. Instead, Jackman’s playing Bronson Peary, some other American who takes Eddie under his wing.

But in any case, expectations are shattered, along with glasses and bones, as Eddie refuses to give up on his dream of becoming the first athlete to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. After getting everyone’s knickers in a twist over whether he should be allowed to compete at all, the real-life Eddie went on to become the world’s favorite loser, but at least he went the distance.

Directed by actor Dexter Fletcher (Band Of Brothers, various Guy Ritchie movies), Eddie The Eagle soars into theaters February 26, 2016.

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