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Humanity inches closer to ape-slavement in the new trailer for Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

December’s teaser trailer for the new Planet Of The Apes movie was heavy on planet, but pretty light on apes. As if to compensate, the editors of the full trailer basically kick things off with several shots of Cesar (Andy Serkis) and his damn dirty companions traversing their woodland kingdom on horseback, ready to put their stinkin’ paws on any humans who dare venture into this mighty ape-topia. Fortunately for the super-intelligent simians, humans are in pretty short supply, their numbers dramatically dwindled by a super virus. Unfortunately for us higher primates, the people who have survived seem intent on provoking the future ape overlords. (Except for Jason Clarke’s character, evidently. He can see the forest for the chimpanzee-infested trees.)

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, which also stars Keri Russell and Gary Oldman as future zoo attractions, opens July 29. Unless the next installment is tentatively titled Re-Rise Of The Planet Of The Humans, audiences can probably figure out how that whole interspecies war is going to turn out. What’s less clear is how the maniacs are going to blow up a certain iconic landmark all the way from San Francisco. Are they saving that reveal for the post-credits stinger? Wake us up when they introduce preteen Dr. Zaius.

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