The thing about pranks is that there's always someone who takes it too far, thus ruining the joke for everyone. I mean, sure, it's funny to call up the most dead-eyed cast member of The Hills, and tell her you want her to star in your House On Sorority Row remake, which starts shooting tomorrow so don't be late. And, yes, it's also funny to do the same thing to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter. Of course that's a good prank. And it's all stifled laughter, and swallowed gaffaws for the first day as you watch the girls struggle to act and take the whole "being a movie star" thing seriouslly. But really there's a point where you have to drop the charade, and tell them it's a prank. Otherwise, you're actually making a House On Sorority Row remake, and no one wants that, do they?

This movie takes I Know What You Did Last Summer's cautionary message of "Don't cover up an accidental death, unless you want to be pursued by a vengeful hooded killer" one step further. The message here seems to be: "Don't say, 'Okay. Let's chop up the body.' unless you want someone to drive a tire iron straight through the heart of said body." I mean, that's just common sense. (You can't blame the guy though. Step one of chopping up a body is: Drive a tire iron straight through the heart of the body. Everybody knows that.)


But the main message of Sorority Row seems to be: "Don't remake House On Sorority Row with Audrina Patridge and Rumer Willis. It'll end up looking a lot like I Know What You Did Last Pledge Week."