I Know What You Did Last Summer differentiated itself from the flood of post-Scream slasher films by staying relatively straightforward. It might not have been as hip or as clever as Scream, but it served as a solid reminder of how effective a well-crafted, unironic horror film can be. Unfortunately, its hastily made sequel serves largely as a reminder of how disappointingly routine most slasher sequels usually are. Jennifer Love Hewitt's plucky heroine returns for I Still Know, and, having survived the bloodshed of the first film, goes to Jamaica with a slew of telegenic, multicultural friends. These include best friend Brandy Norwood, Norwood's boyfriend Mekhi Phifer, and a handsome young student played by Matthew Settle, who travels to Jamaica with the intention of stealing Hewitt away from her fisherman boyfriend. The boyfriend is played once again by Freddie Prinze Jr., who this time has the good fortune to spend a good portion of the film in a coma. Before the youngsters have an opportunity to enjoy their vacation, however, the mangled bodies of poorly developed secondary characters start turning up with alarming frequency, among them an unbilled, dreadlocked Jack Black, who is theoretically supposed to serve as comic relief. But the only laughter I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is likely to inspire is the derisive kind, as director Danny Cannon (Judge Dredd) and writer Trey Callaway break a sweat putting their callow young cast through one ridiculously convoluted scene after another. There's gore aplenty here, but precious little suspense or terror. As in the equally unremarkable Halloween: H20, even the killer seems bored. Callaway's script stacks the odds against his hapless protagonists, stranding them on an isolated island during the middle of a raging hurricane. But the harder the film tries, the more desperate it seems.