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Ice-T is a bootlegging vampire in trailer for Bloodrunners

In the trailer for Dan Lantz’s Bloodrunners, we learn that bootlegging is cool, and vampires are not. That is, vampires are cool in the sense that they’re the kind of chic, good-looking people so many of us aspire to be, but the whole “feasting on humans” bit is the one thing that crooked 1930s cop Jack Malone (Michael McFadden) won’t tolerate. Officer Malone (or is it Detective? We can’t see his shield in the trailer) will take cash in exchange for looking the other way on the booze running into his Prohibition-era town. But when corpses end up along the road and at the most popular speakeasy in town, he’s going to have to roll up his sleeves and do some enforcing.


Malone will encounter some resistance from Chesterfield, the saloon owner played by Ice-T (or “Ice-Teeth”), who is maybe also the head vampire, or at least her consort. After all, the bloodsucking bandleader does refer to a “queen of the night,” though we don’t actually see her in the trailer. (Or do we?)

Bloodrunners is scheduled for release some time in 2017, which means you’ll have to make do with Law & Order: SVU for your Tracy Marrow fix. (Wow, either of Ice-T’s names works for this movie.)