In this turgid movie, based on Ernest Hemingway's experiences in 1918 Italy, Chris O'Donnell is shot in the leg while being stunningly handsome in the service of his country. (Actual dialogue as he tries to save a young Italian soldier: "Help him! He's never even been with a woman!") Sandra Bullock saves his very sexy leg from being amputated while being achingly gorgeous for her nation. Together, they fall in love while nursing O'Donnell back to health. Meanwhile, other good-looking people are fighting what seems to be World War 90210. This stylish conflict is won by the U.S., but not until one of O'Donnell's pals is badly burned. It's all very romantic, because Italy is beautiful and Bullock and O'Donnell are beautiful and every third shot is soft-focused and the orchestra keeps playing the same 16 bars of "The Goddammit Be Moved To Tears You Bastards Overture." It's not a standard Hollywood war movie, although it does depict some sort of war, and it's not a standard Hollywood romance, because we know the lovers are doomed from the start. In the end, In Love And War is a standard, good-looking piece of Hollywood love shit.