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Iron Man and Captain America go at it in the Civil War trailer

We’ve known for a while now—ever since the title was released, really, given the famous comic story it’s being loosely adapted from—that the upcoming Captain America: Civil War would see Tony Stark and Steve Rogers tearing into each other with gusto. Now, we finally get to see the first brutal stages of the friend-on-friend conflict, with Marvel releasing the first trailer for the movie on tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Picking up where the post-credits scene from this summer’s Ant-Man left off, the trailer shows Cap and Falcon trying to figure out what to do with a problem like Bucky, with the formerly brainwashed former sidekick currently being pursued by the authorities for that whole “tried to take over America with flying death fortresses” thing from The Winter Soldier. From there, the trailer checks in on just about everybody in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (except for The Hulk and Spider-Man, who we’re just going to have to take on faith, apparently, that he’s in this) before zeroing in on the Iron Man-Captain America conflict. Centering on something called the “Sokovia Accords”—presumably related to the country that got blown to hell at the climax of Age Of Ultronthe fight looks like it’s based on Cap’s willingness to break the law to protect his friend. (Also, Robert Downey Jr.’s jealousy of Chris Evans’ “perfect teeth.”) We also get glimpses of Black Panther, William Hurt’s General Ross, Cap’s team, and a frankly nasty three-way beatdown between Rogers, Bucky, and Stark. We’ll presumably see a lot more of that sort of thing as the movie’s May 6, 2016 release date approaches.

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