Advertising is really ramping up for Bridge Of Spies, Steven Spielberg’s Cold War thriller starring Tom Hanks as (surprise, surprise) an Everyman caught up in international intrigue. With its Coen Brothers-penned script, expectations are running high. And now comes the release of a new trailer, this one focused more firmly on Hanks’ “insurance lawyer turned international negotiator” character. We’re not going to lie—the footage isn’t all that different from the earlier trailer, depicting the trial of a Soviet spy (Mark Rylance) that ended up becoming a hostage exchange for a downed U-2 pilot (Austin Stowell). (It seems other studios are picking up Marvel’s tricks of releasing seemingly dozens of different trailers for the same film.) Still, the film looks to capture the heightened paranoia of the Cold War and the tension of a cat-and-mouse-style nail-biter. You can see for yourself come October 16.