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It’s a new Peanuts Movie trailer, Charlie Brown

Sure, maybe this new trailer for The Peanuts Movie hits a lot of the same beats as the last one. And yeah, hearing some snippets of contemporary pop hits here and there jars it out of “timeless” territory and into Shrek-land. And yes, following “From the imagination of Charles M. Schulz” with “and the creators of Ice Age and Rio” is not exactly a huge selling point for your movie. Nonetheless, we’re all going to continue to root for The Peanuts Movie, because these cartoon creations have basically earned an unlimited supply of goodwill for being one of the best comic strips ever, and no amount of licensing or Met Life commercials will change that. As long as the iconic scenes depicted here—Lucy’s “Psychiatric Help” stand, Charlie Brown getting his shirt and shoes knocked off in softball, those classic dance moves—are put in the proper bittersweet context, this could all work. Let’s hope this soars as high as Snoopy’s World War I Flying Ace when it’s released November 6.


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