It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

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It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! ($8.99)


Commemorate 50 years of sincere pumpkin patches, assaults on the Red Baron, trick-or-treat bags full of rocks, and other highlights of this autumnal tradition that’s just as poignant as its Christmas-themed predecessor.

Pre-order music from our October Music Preview

Illustration: Nick Wanserski


Try Norah Jones’ Day Breaks, Meshuggah’s The Violent Sleep Of Reason, Kings Of Leon’s Walls, Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker, or Jimmy Eat World’s Integrity Blues. If you’re too impatient to pre-order, buy Bon Iver’s 22, A Million right now. Steven Arroyo wrote that Bon Iver “reacts to chaos here by embracing it, then reflecting it back out toward the universe in all its absurd heaviness and heavy absurdity.”

Blood Defense by Marcia Clark ($12.48 hardcover)

Catch up on American Crime Story ($24.99), a character-focused miniseries about the O.J. case, then read real-life Marcia Clark’s fictional crime novels.


Inflatable unicorn head wall decor ($21)


Okay, maybe the whole “fake animal head on a wall” has reached its apex (or its nadir, if you prefer). Or maybe your living room wall needs an inflatable unicorn head on it.

Three Blu-rays ($19.99)

L.A. Confidential


Mike D’Angelo argues that L.A. Confidential “permanently changed how filmmakers and actors portray characters dying.” Lots of other great titles are also available: Caddyshack, Galaxy Quest, Election, and of course, Space Jam, so pick up three for this low, low price.

Close Encounters Of The Furred Kind ($11.99 Kindle, $15.05 hardcover)

The Bear (Photo: Tom Cox)


This isn’t the first time we’ve used this space to try to persuade you to buy a Tom Cox book, but we’re such fans of The Bear (Cox’s aging black cat), and 15 bucks is a great price for a hardcover. Read Caitlin PenzeyMoog’s review if you’re on the fence, but rest assured that the book is a lovely and funny reflection of rural British life (and cats).

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ($43.84)


Nick Wanserski says this game “wants to tell a big story about big ideas with big powers and big consequences.”

Inflatable T. rex costume ($36.99)

It’s October! Change your Twitter name to something spooky; buy a Halloween costume before everything gets snapped up.


Funko Pop Jack Skellington ($8.65)

The patron saint of 17-year-old goths everywhere.

Anker battery chargers (varies)


We’ve been using this brand for a while now and really like it. (The brand is also well regarded over at The Wirecutter.) Having a tiny battery pack in your purse or bag is a lifesaver more often than we’d like to admit, and the wall chargers are pretty handy, too.

Mer World Problems coloring book ($7.99)


From Theo Nicole Lorenz, who brought us Dinosaurs With Jobs, comes another antidote to the deluge of adult coloring books. From the Amazon description: “Mermaids might seem to have it all, with their shiny tails and fancy seashell castles, but life under the sea is full of difficulties. This coloring book features twenty examples of the most pressing issues mermaids face, including socially inept sea turtles, barnacle breakouts, interpersonal issues with fish, lack of wifi, and more.”