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J.D. Salinger rocks recluse-chic in the first trailer for Rebel In The Rye

The first trailer has arrived for Danny Strong’s Rebel In The Rye, with X-Men and Fury Road star Nicholas Hoult in the starring role of tortured would-be novelist J.D. Salinger. The film focuses on the earlier portions of Salinger’s career, with Kevin Spacey and Victor Garber on-hand to discourage or build him up as needed, and Sarah Paulson as his loyal literary agent, Dorothy Olding.


The tone of the film feels very recluse-chic (or at least tortured cool), as Hoult’s Salinger struggles handsomely with his work, the publishing world, and his memories of World War II. And while we can’t imagine the man himself would have been overly happy about seeing his early life transformed into one of Byronic heroism, there’s an energy to the trailer that suggests the film might offer up more than a simple series of basic biopic pleasures. Rebel In The Rye arrives in theaters on September 15.

[via Vulture]

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