Tom Ford’s 2009 feature A Single Man was a remarkably self-assured film debut, earning star Colin Firth an Oscar nomination, and a healthy level of buzz for whatever Ford made next. Seven years later, that project has finally arrived, with the first teaser for Nocturnal Animals finally seeing the light of day.

Running just 20 seconds—with some of those devoted to promising a fuller trailer tomorrow—it’s a short little burst of panicky tone, giving us just a few glimpses of Amy Adams as a disaffected housewife, haunted by a mysterious, vaguely threatening novel sent to her by writer ex-husband Jake Gyllenhaal. We also get a few shots of Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, all of whom seem similarly pained by the teaser’s tense, claustrophobic pace. Based on a 1993 novel by Austin Wright, the film’s description promises to explore “the thin lines between love and cruelty, and revenge and redemption.”