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James Bond gets his sexy on in the first Spectre TV spot

James Bond has stirred from the slumber he’s been in since 2012’s Skyfall—but don’t tell him that, as he’d much prefer to be shaken instead. The debut TV spot for upcoming film Spectre is really playing up the mystery of Bond’s new nemesis, with a darkened room and shadowy faces right out of the secret society rulebook. But there’s also plenty of time for car chases, fights in an icy tundra, and the ongoing backstory of 007’s past. A burned photograph and some words of warning from the new Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) promise to continue the riddle-laden narrative of Bond’s private life. But don’t worry, there’s still time for him to utter his signature line right at the end. And—most important of all—the much-ballyhooed tactleneck continues to make its presence felt. Bond is clearly tired of not experiencing the maximum in comfort during his deadly shoot-outs.


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