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Jason Biggs makes a rotten pimp in the Amateur Night trailer

Comedies have a tough time when it comes to trailers. Give away the best jokes, and the movie loses its strongest parts. Keep the funniest stuff hidden, and it just looks like you made a not-funny comedy. The trailer for Amateur Night splits the difference: It offers up some scenarios that look as though they might be funny, without actually delivering much in the way of laughs.

Jason Biggs stars as an unemployed father-to-be, desperate to earn enough cash to keep his family’s insurance before his wife (Jenny Mollen, also his real-life spouse) gives birth. Answering a Craigslist ad to be a driver, he soon finds himself chauffeuring three call girls—Salem’s Janet Montgomery, Disney factory graduate Ashley Tisdale, and Bria Murphy—around town, and he’s expected to do far more than just drive. It looks very much like a “one crazy night” formula, but we’ll see if the trailer is holding anything back when Amateur Night comes out in August. “Coming to theaters,” the trailer optimistically proclaims, though checking it out on digital or VOD seems a more likely bet.


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