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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper reunite in the trailer for Serena

Susanne Bier’s Great Depression drama Serena––which is set to premiere at the London Film Festival next month––will mark the third time that Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have starred in a movie together. Technically, though, it’s the second; the film was shot in early 2012, right after filming wrapped on Silver Linings Playbook, and has since spent over two years in post-production. It’s been delayed for so long that Bier––who won an Oscar for In A Better World––has had time to complete two more movies, one of which just premiered in Toronto.

Just why the film––an adaptation of Ron Rash novel that began, like so many films, as a project for Darren Aronofsky––has been delayed for so long remains a mystery. (There’s a widely circulated rumor that part of the dialogue had to be re-recorded because of location issues, which became increasingly difficult as Lawrence’s popularity took off.) Also shrouded in mystery: the movie’s US release. For now, there’s no information about when––or if––the movie will be released Stateside. However, audiences in Romania, Finland, Lithuania, and Singapore will be able to see it later this year.


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