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Jeremy Renner fights for journalistic integrity in Kill The Messenger

It can get pretty tough being a journalist. It’s not all sitting in cushy chairs and tweeting about sandwiches. Sometimes they have to roll their sleeves up and cover the real hard-hitting stories, like the U.S. government secretly selling cocaine to fund guerrilla soldiers in Nicaragua, or Focus Features releasing the first trailer for Jeremy Renner’s new movie, Kill The Messenger. (Both of which are equally important.)


Jeremy Renner’s new movie, by the way, is actually a biopic of Gary Webb, the journalist who uncovered details implicating the U.S. government in using drug money to pay for a South American revolution in the mid-‘90s. Kill The Messenger was directed by Michael Cuesta, and it will follow Renner’s Webb as he covers the not-a-theory conspiracy for The San Jose Mercury News. As is to be expected when accusing the federal government of doing something so crazy/evil, Renner is going to run into some pushback from co-stars like Michael Sheen and Ray Liotta along the way, just like the pushback we face by covering his movie trailer. Who knows, maybe someday Hollywood will make a movie about the struggle we faced writing this very post.

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