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Jesse Eisenberg has a more environmentally conscious fiendish plot in the Night Moves trailer

Before Jesse Eisenberg takes on one of our culture's most famous villains, you can see him plotting on a smaller scale. In the upcoming Night Moves, Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, and Peter Sarsgaard play ecoterrorists who plan to blow up a dam—possibly to clear land for a riverside town called Otisburg. (The trailer doesn't specify.) Once they begin to put their plan in motion, director Kelly Reichardt ratchets up the suspense, as fears of betrayal and being caught consume the three. Eisenberg, in particular, seems to be torn between his loyalty to Fanning, whom he knows well, and his relationship to the more experienced, far more mysterious Sarsgaard. Reichardt has excelled at showing close relationships under strain (Old Joy), and people in unraveling circumstances (Wendy And LucyMeek's Cutoff), so combining the two into an A Simple Plan-style low-key thriller seems like a winning formula. And, of course, devastating flood movies are hot right now.


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