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Jessica Chastain’s a soft-spoken but powerful lobbyist in the Miss Sloane trailer

We were due for another very serious political drama in which well-dressed people yell at one another in hallways (it’s been a full five years since Ides Of March). Given the current national situation, it just makes sense that Hollywood’s newest offering from that highly specific sub-genre should feature a strong female lead. And given what we see here, it looks like Jessica Chastain will fit nicely in that role.


In Miss Sloane, a poise-exuding Chastain plays a resolute and unrelenting D.C. lobbyist who puts her career, and possibly her life, at risk when she decides to head up a gun control campaign. Mark Strong, Sam Waterston, and Boardwalk Empires Michael Stuhlbarg are all on board as some of the highly-placed men who will growl at her over the course of the film. John Madden directs from a 2015 Black List screenplay by newcomer Jonathan Perera.

Miss Sloane will arrive in U.S. theaters on December 9.

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