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Jim Jarmusch interrogates The Stooges for this Gimme Danger trailer

In a Cannes write-up back in May, The A.V. Club’s own Mike D’Angelo said that Jim Jarmusch’s Stooges documentary Gimme Danger is “entirely safe, even cozy,” adding that the film seems specifically designed by Jarmusch “to ensure that The Stooges receive their due as one of the most influential forces in music history.” On that note, this trailer for Gimme Danger opens with Jarmusch sitting down to talk with a sadly shirt-wearing Iggy Pop about The Stooges, which he refers to as “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band ever.” Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a documentary that loves its subject, but it’s pretty clear that Gimme Danger isn’t going to reveal some dark, unspoken secrets from The Stooges’ heyday. Instead, it’s targeted at the people who already love the band or are curious to see why they’re so highly regarded.

Gimme Danger will open in New York and Detroit on October 28, and then it’ll have a wider release on November 4.

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