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Joe Strummer guides a coming-of-age story in this London Town trailer

Over the years, several movie characters have found themselves instantly falling in love with a person because of their cool taste in music, from Natalie Portman changing Zach Braff’s life with The Shins to Joseph Gordon Levitt getting his mind blown when Zooey Deschanel says she likes The Smiths, but director Derrick Borte’s London Town looks like it’s an entire movie based on that idea. This trailer features Daniel Huttlestone as an innocent kid in ‘70s England who asks a cool girl what she’s listening to on the train. After some playful banter, she tells him: The Clash. From there, the kid dyes his hair, argues with his dad, starts hanging around with some punks, and eventually he even meets Joe Strummer himself—played here by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

London Town will be in theaters and on-demand services on October 7.


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